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Innovations can make play fun and that is exactly what net climbers have brought to the market. Playing in and around net climbers is intended to be fun, while creating individual and group play for children of all ages. The imagination of children is unlimited, let them play and watch them grow. Built to last even in the most extreme environments, Corocord products are designed with sustainability in mind.

Expertise in the making of Spacenets and other complex rope structures – that’s what Corocord stands for. After all, the very first Play Spacenet were made by us in 1971. Ever since then we have continually developed and improved the techniques for our products and the range of our play equipment.

By creating transparency and clear presentation COROCORD has solidified themselves as the worlds leading producer and designers of exceptional playground Spacenets.Headquartered in Berlin Germany COROCORD has a global network of designers, architects and engineers working to create play spaces that incorporate architecture and abounding play value. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional – COROCORD designers are ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

Rope Play Catalog

Corocord Rope Play Catalog

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Basix Nets

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Forest Bridges

Corocord   Forest bridges 2014

Rope Loops

Corocord rope loops

Rope Parkour

Corocord rope parkour

Frame Spacenets

Corocord frame spacenets

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