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Healthier People Build Stronger Communities! KOMPAN has always been a leader in innovation and that is no different with their latest endeavor. By partnering with world-renowned fitness experts, KOMPAN founded the all-new Sport & Fitness Institute. They have been busy studying and analyzed the needs of communities & individuals to create a line of outdoor fitness equipment that is like no other line on the market!

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Making Societies more active

There is something about a good workout that just feeds the soul. Doing that workout outside can only enhance that feeling in most people. Having a place to exercise is important to everyone and having a space outside allows you to get back into nature and get healthier while doing it.

Kompan introduces a new way to work out with; cleverly designed fitness equipment, an integrated training app & an onsite personal trainer program. First time users can train with products like suspension trainers, inlaid sprint tracks and kettle-bells for a fun and dynamic training solution.

Everyone needs a little nudge once in while, Kompans new training app does just that! By offering digital guidance to increase exercise effectiveness and promote perseverance.

Combine all of these features with bright fun colors, these outdoor fitness spaces are growing in popularity and are making working out fun for all ages.

Our outdoor exercise equipment is designed and built to withstand the elements, easy to install, virtually maintenance free, uses no electricity, and comes with a substantial warranty. Some customers are finding our outdoor gym products a low cost alternative for expensive indoor workout machines. Our installed Outdoor Fitness Zones are typically FREE for users and have communities saying good-bye to the high cost of gym memberships. This simple, fun, engaging approach to exercise is helping communities address the growing obesity epidemic directy. 

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