Play the KOMPAN Way

At KOMPAN we know that a playground is always more than just a playground. When designs really motivate play, they benefit child development. KOMPAN Playgrounds significantly improve health, learning and social inclusion and all on the children’s terms, in a fun and independent way. At KOMPAN we design products to make play and learning go hand in hand, it is the foundation for age appropriate learning and development.


One hundred percent of parents agree that outdoor play promotes good health. When asked, children answer that more playgrounds would encourage them to spend more time outdoors. There is substantial documentation of the physical health benefits of play for children and teenagers – particularly girls – and even for adults and senior citizens. At KOMPAN we design for health, integrating the motivators that make kids and adults want to move and meet on the playground. It’s voluntary, it’s fun, it’s healthy – and it’s beneficial to both the individual and to society as a whole.


Life skills, whether they are motor skills, sensory skills, emotional skills, or creative skills, are all trained voluntarily and in a fun way in quality playgrounds. So are cognitive skills, a body of research states that even when replacing some academic activity with outdoor activity and play, children end up with higher average grades and better classroom behavior. Research has also established that physical activity and play make children concentrate better in class.


Many cities successfully use playgrounds to provide a unique, playful framework for social inclusion and interaction. Inclusive playgrounds have proven to be an effective diversion for crime and vandalism. They unite people in play and they include all abilities in a social context. Universal design and inclusive play are cornerstones of KOMAPAN’s philosophy and play design. Most of our playground equipment offers play activities for everyone, through clear design signals and multi functional play. At KOMPAN we believe that designing for everyone means designing for all abilities.

Kompan Play Institute




Kompan Design Studio

Toddlers Play to learn 6-24 months

• Supporting sensory motor skills

• Language development

• Play involving cause and effect

Pre-School Children, Grow to Understand 2-5 years

• Play that supports gross and fine motor skills

• Role-play starters

• Cause-and-effect play

School Age Children 5-12 years

• Gross motor skills

• “Rule play” scenarios

• Relation building

Teenagers, Physical Activity 13+ years

• ABC: Agility, balance and coordination

• Speed, endurance and strength

• Places for socializing

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