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Over the rocks and through the cords, your children will be given an experience like no other.  Getting out into nature isn’t just something anyone can do, so Summit Recreation brings mother nature to you.  With life like boulders, climbing structures and the feel of natural wood the imagination bursts while learning new and exciting ways to play.  We think play should be a part of every child’s life and nature shouldn’t be limited to those who live in it.  Bring the exploration to another level with a play structure incorporating the beauty that surrounds us.

In his bestseller, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, author and journalist Richard Louv sparked a national debate that initiated a movement to reconnect kids and nature. Last Child in the Woods explains the importance of nature for healthy childhood development.




Climbing boulders

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By taking a unique, holistic approach to creating a play area, we stimulate children’s interest in nature and introduce an understanding of nature into their lives. Our competent play experts incorporate any already existing natural features of the site – a little brook, trees, a small hill, for example – into the final design. The result is a fun, rich and rewarding place for children to explore. Kids can then turn the playground into anything they want – even in the deepest urban environment!

Robinia’s natural materials and appearance make it ideal for park settings
as well as other areas where the surroundings call for natural-looking play
equipment. And it fits equally well into urban play environments, where it can
create a magical forest right in the city.

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Cloud Peak Rockcraft Lizard Boulder

Climbing Boulders are the most natural looking boulders on the market today, having the most realistic finish and colors available. Our concrete boulders offer Fun for children and Fitness for all. Bouldering has the adventure of rock climbing without the need for training or safety equipment being only a few feet off the ground. Our designs offer the best full-body workout to our climbers as they maneuver up and around boulders, strengthening their core, improving coordination, balance, flexibility, mental focus and physical strength.

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Expertise in the making of Spacenets and other complex rope structures – that’s what Corocord stands for. After all, the very first Play Spacenet was made by us. And ever since then we have continually developed and improved the techniques for our products and the range of our play equipment.

Read on to find out more about our Spacenet manufacture at our Berlin location and about our philosophy. In addition, we have included a profile of our company’s founder, the architect and rope net pioneer Conrad Roland.


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