Our playgrounds are anything but ordinary.  Let our playgrounds motivate play and benefit childhood development.  Our designs are developed with compelling design; high play value, uncompromising safety, unique innovation, and long lasting quality.   No matter what age group you are trying to satisfy, these designs are sure to please! Let Summit Recreation introduce you to the KOMPAN design studios team specializing in custom playspaces.

Areas to consider when designing your playground.

  • The children who will use the playground
  • The playground site and immediate surroundings
  • The skills and experiences you want to promote through play
  • How the playground should be divided into spaces to support different types of play
  •  Which play equipment or other activities should be integrated into each space to stimulate children’s experiences
KOMPAN Galaxy full size playground with kids

Teenagers, Physical Activity 13+ years

• ABC: Agility, balance and coordination

• Speed, endurance and strength

• Places for socializing

Moments School Age with kids

School Age Children 5-12 years

• Gross motor skills

• “Rule play” scenarios

• Relation building

Storymakers with Sunset

Pre-School Children, Grow to Understand 2-5 years

• Play that supports gross and fine motor skills

• Role-play starters

• Cause-and-effect play


Toddlers Play to learn 6-24 months

• Supporting sensory motor skills

• Language development

• Play involving cause and effect

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