PolySoft: A major breakthrough in Soft Surface technology

PolySoft is the culmination of a number of years of research and development. Following a long history of problematic surfacing within the aquatic and playground industry, our objective was simple; to meet the strong marketplace demand by producing a cost effective, light stable and durable surface for harsh conditions, a surface treatment that could incorporate both unique and intricate designs with a strong color range. State-of-the-art technology exclusive to PolySoft, has given us the opportunity to develop such a product.


PolySoft Brochure 2013

PolySoft Features and Benefits:

PolySoft can be utilized to reduce surface temperatures by up to 68°F/20°C when compared to traditional finishes. This heat reduction, unsurpassed by any surface treatment within the industry, allows areas that were painful to walk on during summer months to be comfortable and accommodating underfoot.

PolySoft is flexible enough to bridge cracks in the substrate and will help even out irregularities. Its superior resistance to fading and an ability to handle the aggressive nature of chlorine in a pool or aquatic play environment allows PolySoft to breathe new life into old weathered surfaces whilst maintaining reliability.

The color range incorporates 18 stunning colors inspired by natural elements, providing clients with an endless variety of finishes. By combining color and particle size, it is simple to create a beautiful natural looking surface, or in contrast, a bright and vibrant play area.

PolySoft’s online color sample building application makes the process of color selection even easier.

  • PolySoft has been tried and tested in Australia: one of the harshest environments for this product.
  • The PolySoft particle is 100% recyclable.
  • The surface temperature of PolySoft can be up to 68°F/20°C cooler than traditional finishes such as concrete, asphalt and rubber
  • The strong chemical bond between the particles ensures superior lateral strength.
  • PolySoft provides an excellent independently verified anti slip rating for both wet and dry applications.
  • PolySoft is easily repaired if vandalised with little or no visible seam.
  • A specially developed two part aliphatic polyurethane binder is used in all PolySoft installations. This coupled with colorfast technology, protects against premature fading and provides excellent resistance to UV radiation and to chemicals such as chlorine.
  • PolySoft is only installed by a network of specialized installers specifically trained to ensure the highest quality and service.
  • PolySoft is resilient yet soft underfoot and provides excellent impact attenuation for playgrounds.
  • PolySoft is hygienic and easy to maintain.

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