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Planning, Design & Specification

Planning is the cornerstone of the success of your playground project and together we will help you plan the finest playground. We take your conceptual outline of your dream playground and help you make it a reality! Incorporated into the planning is extraordinary playground design. Good playground design is the foundation of a well used, highly valuable community asset. We believe in maximizing the play value of every playground; justly Reinventing Play. Play without limit.

Our sales staff is about taking care of people. We are experts in the playground industry and are knowledgeable in all key elements of what it takes to complete a successful playground project. We look at every factor from playground safety guidelines to the latest experts’ advice on child development to the newest park and playground equipment installation methods.

With our vast array of expertise and equipment manufacturers, Summit Recreation has the ability to be a sole source for your organization. Bundling of our exclusive products allows for the seamlessly completion of your project.


usc_horizontalrgb_459x155U.S. Communities is the leading national cooperative purchasing program for schools, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations. By using the U.S. Communities program these entities can purchase KOMPAN playground products at the guaranteed lowest competitively bid prices.

Site Inspections & Safety Audits

Site inspections and safety audits are proven tools in maintaining a safer playground. Summit Recreation can provide a Certified Playground Safety Inspector to evaluate your playground. The playground will be evaluated with the prevailing guidelines issued by the American Society for the Testing Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) “Handbook for Public Playground Safety.” Our playground inspectors examine every piece of equipment, your playground surfacing, the playground borders, and any other item found in the play area. A written report of the findings and the recommendations of measures to be taken for areas of concern on the playground can be provided.

Installation & Maintenance

No matter what best fits your installation needs, Summit Recreation’s factory trained, installation crews do the job “correct, complete and on time.” Summit Recreation offers site preparation and turn-key installations. Our installers are an integral part of the Summit Recreation team and also unmistakably understand it’s about you the customer and go the extra mile. The equipment installed will meet manufacturer’s specifications and the most current playground safety guidelines supplemented with pride in a job well done.

All playground equipment and playground safety surfacing will go through wear and tear over time. It is vital to maintain playground equipment and safety surfacing so that it is kept in optimum condition. Our staff, consultants and playground installers are certified playground safety inspectors (CPSI) and are available to help you with an effective playground maintenance program.

It is important to conduct periodic safety and maintenance inspections on your playground and should generally include at minimum the following points:

• Appropriate impact attenuating safety surfacing material must be maintained under and around all playground equipment.

• Check, replace and/or tighten all bolts, hardware, and fittings.

• Replace any moving parts such as ropes, chains, swing hangers, s hooks, swivels, etc. if showing excessive wear or damage.

• Lubricate or grease fittings, swivels and bearings on a regular basis.

• Follow all maintenance and safety guidelines as set forth by the equipment manufacturers.

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