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Looking for an outdoor shelter, gazebo or pergola? Ready to add value and interest to your park, community center or school? Low maintenance shade structures are important in today’s economy and no one understands that more that Summit Recreation.  We have only the highest quality in shade and shelter options.  Protect your investment and enhance your community with unique, durable and attractive structures. Whether you’ve been trying to find the right sun shelter, outdoor shelter or park shelter, we’re the company you can trust for the unique, durable and attractive structures that create just the right spaces for you.

Our large product line includes kiosks, mini and large shelters, pergolas, sails and gazebos, available in various sizes and styles. At schools, parks and custom locations, these shelters provide sun and weather protection while also beautifying your space.

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Summit Recreation has partnered with the best in the shade industry with disciplined designers, engineers, project managers, fabrication and installation specialists experienced in all aspects of membrane technology. We offer a range of project support services including conceptual design, feasibility studies, design support, engineering consultancy, detail design, workshop drawings, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Our fabrication plant partners have the highest production capacity worldwide, and are able to handle any size of membrane project using equipment based on the latest technology. We can work with any of the modern materials used in membrane construction.

Skyspan was the merger of the leading architectural tension membrane companies in the world, namely Koch membrane, Structureflex pacific, membrane Asia, Spacetech and Hightex, brought together with one unifying purpose.


Summit Recreation offers a full line of top-quality standard and custom shade structures that can protect nearly any outdoor location. Because of our commitment to enrich community and protect people as they play, relax and live, we offer a wide range of hips, sails, cantilevers and umbrellas. All of these products are designed to deliver creative solutions and unique style, while also protecting you and those around you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Come to us for the shade canopy or the shade sail to protect kids on their outdoor playground. Use a cantilever shade to protect cars from harsh sunlight, or choose a triangle sail to enhance your aquatic center. Our large selection of unique shade solutions includes hip shades, shade sails, cantilever shades, umbrella shades, modular shades and even custom shades – all to make sure you have the protection you need outside.

Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, Summit Recreation is able to provide the superior shade sail products for which you’ve been searching. Our products are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so whatever your needs, we have the solution for you. Contact us today for assistance in determining just the right shade solution for your unique project!

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